Same Sex Marriage

Leader's Meeting

This audio was recorded at our last corporate leadership meeting. Because of the mixed messages sent by various church leaders on the issue of same sex marriage, as well as our society becoming more accepting of same sex marriage, I wanted to confirm our view and our position at New Harvest Christian Fellowship Norwalk on this issue. My intention was not to provoke or to be controversial, but to confirm our belief in the Word of God as infallible and the position it takes on marriage between one man and one woman as God’s design for humanity, and that any other form of marriage cannot be honored by God. Our call and responsibility as Christians is to follow Christ’s example in loving all people. John 3:16. At the same time, we cannot sidestep our responsibility to instruct those who may be living in error and not according to God’s word. 2 Timothy 2:25, 3:16.

Title: Same Sex Marriage

I pray that you listen carefully, search the scriptures and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you and to bring understanding regarding this issue.

May God Bless and Prosper You,

Pastor Richard Salazar

Senior Pastor