A Big Thanks!

Ignite and Youth Conference


I want to take this time to thank each and everyone who attended and served at our Ignite Leadership Conference this past month. It was a huge success and it hit the mark on Discipleship with all of the workshops, teachings and preaching that took place.

Our first ever UTH Conference had over 150 teens who registered for the 3 days and 2 nights of exciting worship, ministry, music, games and fellowship. Each evening the UTH Worship services ministered to the teens with special guest music and messages. The results of the UTH Conference were evident on Friday evening as the entire group of 150 plus teens marched from their event campus to the Felix Event Center where the Ignite Leadership Conference was being held. They were carrying banners and signs exalting the name of Jesus while singing and shouting for the Lord. It was a sight to see and hear.

Uth Marching Video:

We also held a drawing on Friday evening for an Apple Watch, which was to be raffled to a teen that registered early to attend the UTH Conference. The winner was a young lady from the New Harvest Azusa church. (I tried to trade my old watch for the new Apple Watch, but she smiled politely as if to say, “Are you crazy?” and said, “No thank you!”) Oh well, she went away very happy.

 Apple Watch Winner

I want to thank all of the pastors and congregations who invested their time, workers and resources in our Ignite Conference as well as the UTH Conference. It was well worth it. We are believing God for double the amount of teens to attend next year’s UTH Conference and will be praying for God’s wisdom and direction for that event.

Uth Conference Highlights:

I understand that not everyone can make it out to the Ignite Conference and that breakout sessions will be missed. So, we streamed our services live, as well as video or audio archived each session. If you missed a session, want to refresh your experience or know someone who could gain from them, at the end of the post you will find links to all 19 sessions including our water baptisms. 

On behalf of our staff, and myself at New Harvest Norwalk, I want to once again thank you for your faithful support and prayers in all that we do as a Fellowship to reach people for Jesus.

God Bless,

Pastor Richard Salazar

IGNITE CONFERENCE 2015 Video and Audio Recordings
Click on the links below to start the video or audio recording.
Pastor Richard Salazar, "TEACHABILITY", Tuesday Night, July 14, 7:00pm - Video
Pastor Richard Salazar, "DISCOVERING YOUR GIFTEDNESS", Wednesday Morning, July 15, 9:30am - Video
Pastor Robert Romero, "THE CALL OF DISCIPLESHIP", Wednesday Morning, July 15, 10:20am - Audio
Pastor Manuel Herrera, "JESUS INVITES YOU TO DISCIPLESHIP", Wednesday Morning, July 15, 10:20am - Audio
Pastor Tom Watson, "THE COST OF DISCIPLESHIP", Wednesday Morning, July 15, 10:20am - Audio
Pastor Ignacio Torres, "WHAT A CHRIST-CENTERED LIFE LOOKS LIKE", Wednesday Morning, July 15, 11:10am - Video
Pastor Sergio Romo, "WHAT DOES GOD SAY ABOUT SUBMISSION", Wednesday Evening, July 15, 7:00pm - Video
Nancy Salazar, "WOUNDED WARRIORS", Thursday Morning, July 16, 9:30am - Video
Pastor Art Valenzuela, "WHAT IS HOLINESS?", Thursday Morning, July 16, 9:30am - Audio
Pastor Sergio Romo, "THE NATURE OF OBEDIENCE", Thursday Morning, July 16, 9:30am - Audio
Pastor Ismael Jimenez, "THE ATTITUDE OF CHRIST IN YOU", Thursday Morning, July 16, 10:20am - Audio
Pastor Edwin Melendez, "TAKING THE BATON", Thursday Morning, July 16, 11:10am - Video
Pastor Art Valenzuela, "A JOSEPH CALLING", Thursday Evening, July 16, 7:00pm - Video
Pastor Richard & Nancy Salazar, "MARRIAGE ROUND TABLE", Friday Morning, July 17, 9:30am - Video
Pastor Phil Aguilar, "THE POWER OF FAITH", Friday Morning, July 17, 9:30am - Audio
Pastor Edwin Melendez, "THE SERVANT LEADERSHIP CHECKLIST", Friday Morning, July 17, 10:20am - Audio
Pastor Ignacio Torres, "THE CHALLENGE OF LEADERSHIP", Friday Morning, July 17, 10:20am - Audio
Pastor Tom Watson, "COMING OUT OF THE SHADOWS", Friday Morning, July 17, 11:10am - Video
WATER BAPTISMS, Friday Evening, July 17, 6:30pm - Video
Pastor Richard Salazar, "ANCHORS", Friday Evening, July 17, 7:00pm - Video