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Parent Project

As many teenagers try to look and act like their peers, they will most likely grow up like their parents. Parents are the number one role models for their children. The Parent Project was developed to help parents increase their influence in motivating their children avoid destructive behaviors.

The Parent Project is a 13 week parent training course designed to improve parent's skills on how to reduce family conflict. It also teaches parents on how to have their children improve in their school performance and attendance. Parents are also given useful tools on identifying and intervening with drug and alcohol abuse, gangs, as well as other peer associations. They are taught to set and enforce more effective limits and focusing on improving communication between parent and child. We have seen many success stories of how parents have consistently applied what they have learned, and how they start to see their relationship with their children begin to improve and negative behavior change.

Classes are held on Thursdays from 6pm-8pm 2nd floor room 23.

Classes are held in both english and spanish.